Thursday, April 30, 2009

it's so much less confusing when lines are drawn like that

... I've been listening to a lot of Against Me! lately.

I'll be back in Oregon in ten days! This semester has gone really fast. Overall, this year has gone really well. My classes have been good, the campus is beautiful, and I've made some good friends.

This summer I'm working on a small organic veggie farm outside of Forest Grove. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out the day after I get back to Portland, so I'll be wandering around for a week or so hopped up on Vicoden. That weekend I'm judging tambu, then I'll start my job, then the next weekend I'm going to Camp Westwind (14th year in a row).

Err that's all. I have a couple of essays to write, commencement to attend (Joel Salatin in speaking!), and a plane to catch.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


WRESTLING MATS ARE HERE!!!!! I'm so excited!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

spring break

I was back in Oregon this past week for spring break. I had interviews on three farms, and I should find out tomorrow if I have a job for the summer. I saw Defiance, Ohio at the Satyricon and met a nice vegan traveler from Chicago. Voodoo gave us three vegan donuts for the price of less than one. I went to a couple fur protests. At the second one, the cops stopped by and told us, essentially, that we were allowed to do all the things we were doing, and we weren't allowed to do a bunch of things we weren't doing. Then they asked us a bunch of dumb questions that we had no obligation to answer. It was funny.

The weather was fantastic all week and I rode my bike everywhere. It got up into the 70s. Of course, back here in Vermont, it's snowing again.

I'll be back in Oregon in a month!