Thursday, August 20, 2009

time flies when you're pulling garlic

Sooo I apologize. I have been rather negligent with this blog. The thing is, I use my lifejournal all the time. Most of my livejournal entries are friends only. If I post something on my blogger blog (this one), chances are I'm just copying and pasting an unlocked entry from my livejournal. And I think that the few of you who read this also subscribe to my livejournal blog, so I don't bother updating my blogger blog very frequently. So consider this an announcement of an indefinite hiatus from blogger. I don't particularly feel like detailing my happenings this summer - if you're reading this chances are we've already had a conversation in real life about what I'm doing. If not, you should get on that.

I'll still use this account to follow other blogs because livejournal kind of sucks for that.

And to go out with a bang, here's a fun little activity. Here's what you do: Google "(your name) is like" and post the first 10 results.

1. Joanna is like LOVE
2. Finding a guide like Joanna's is like finding a nugget of gold in a pile of muddy pebbles.
3. kate nash? regina spektor? tori amos? conor oberst? GTFO joanna is like none of those bitches thankfully. (Haha... that's referring to Joanna Newsom. Whoo!)
4. These days Joanna is like this story I read in the paper about a shipment of tens of thousands of rubber ducks that fell off a ship in the northern Pacific long ago.
5. Singing with Joanna is like a massage for your soul.
6. Joanna is like many other three year olds.
7. Dissing Joanna is like shooting trout in a teacup…with an anti-aircraft cannon.
8. Joanna is like the best tv actress!
9. I come online and Joanna is like "Hello m'love." And I'm like "Look I am sorry if I gave the impression that I wanted to have sex with you. IT WAS A MISTAKE!!!!"
10. Joanna is like many young women in their thirties who are desirous of fertility.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stop the Umpcoos and Fishing Cougar timber sales!

Please please please call the Oregon Land Board and demand the halt of the timber sales in the Elliot State Forest! Tell them you support the Elliot Free State blockade, and want the police raid called off!

Governor Ted Kulongoski:

Secretary Of State Kate Brown:
(503) 986-1523

Treasurer Ben Westlund:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

life update #5469078

Well... farming is still going great. I'm 7/10 of the way done with the internship portion of the summer, and then I'll be a regular farm worker until the end of August, when I go to Japan! Not much has happened since the last time I updated. I guess my tan has gotten even darker. This coming weekend I'm going to the Oregon Country Fair.

The other day I finally brought myself to clean out my music library. I haven't done that the entire 3 years I've had this computer, so there was a lot of crap on it. I realized that I didn't need 12 Queen albums. Actually, no one needs 12 Queen albums. Other music that did not need to exist on my computer: Run DMC, the Grease soundtrack, terrible hipster music that I downloaded from music blogs and never listened to, low-quality live recordings of punk bands (especially when they contain the same songs as the studio albums, and the studio albums are only slightly better quality live recordings), Jim Morrisons's spoken word album, and an entire Cascada album (I kept the song Everytime We Touch for, um, sentimental reasons. [Side note: Yes, on the album it is spelled "everytime" rather than "every time".]).

Anyway, it's nice to be able to put my entire library on shuffle and not have to skip every other song. When I don't put the whole thing on shuffle I end up listening to one album over and over again until I'm sick of it. (I've been listening to Reinventing Axl Rose by Against Me! since, oh, spring break. Seriously, that's an awesome album.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I love xkcd so much.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm most of the way through my second week at work. I'm living on the farm in a house with 7 other fantastic people and three cats. I have a wicked sunburn all across my lower back, but otherwise I've got a great farmer's tan coming along. We finished amending most of the rows and today we planted tomatoes. Most of the time I'm too tired after dinner to do anything but go to bed. This is really satisfying work. Ummm bedtime. I'll post something more coherent when I'm more awake.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

chirp chirp

I'm back in Portland. I got in Sunday night. My luggage accidentally got sent to Texas and didn't get to Oregon until yesterday afternoon. I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning so I'm still pretty out of it. I look like a chipmunk. My phone tells me I texted to Tofu, "Xay i look iike walrus spuirrel laughing gas messes you up now i have vicoden ok thanks" and "If you want to bring me hot soup that would be so rad but you don't have to." I have no recollection of this.

This weekend I'm judging a Girl Scout camping skills competition, then I'm starting my job at Gales Meadow Farm on Monday.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 year down, 3 to go

HECK YES all done! All my finals are over, all my assignments are in. I'll be home on Sunday.

Today I might just climb Mt. Mansfield.